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In Cambridge  Schools we offer full British system and Curriculum from Foundation Stage , KS1 , KS2 , KS3 and KS4 leading to IGCSE under the umbrella of Cambridge International Examinations.

Since 2005 Cambridge opened all level of  KG , Primary Secondary Education for Students in 5 schools throughout the greater Khartoum Area.

Our Mission

Cambridge International Schools  knows that you want to feel confident that your child is receiving the school-readiness skills they need. Our focus on a child's overall growth enables not only academic preparedness, but also their social, emotional, and physical growth. We believe that each child has unique and individual talents and interests. Our teachers honor these differences with customized attention and activities to help each child learn and grow at their own pace, in their own style.

Our Goal

One Educational Institution takes care of your child from Pre-school to the university under the umbrella of Cambridge. 

The Schools

* At Cambridge  Schools  we offer Pre-School education at age 3 to 4 Kindergarten 1 &  Kindergarten 2 , at age 5 staring Primary school . Cambridge Schools  is now  KS1 , KS2 , KS3 & KS4  .

* Cambridge International Schools are approved by  Cambridge International Examinations in the UK.

*  The school follows the APP system ( Assessing Pupils Progress ) during the year and also running the Progression tests and the Check Point Exams , which are requested from Cambridge International Examinations every year.

* Schools are equipped with the latest equipment and teaching aids  that will enable teachers to provide strong doses in the English language ,  the British curriculum and other skills.

* Starting the academic Year 2015 Cambridge Schools is going to implement the Ebooks project .  Cambridge Project for e-books  مشروع مدارس كامبردج للكتب الالكترونية

تسعى مدارس كامبردج العالمية بالسودان لتطبيق مشروع الكتب الالكترونية داخل المدرسة وذلك بتمليك كل طالب جهاز كندل ( قارىء إلكترونى) ومتصفح إنترنت محمل به كل الكتب التى تستخدم فى مدارس كامبردج إضافة للكثير من الكتب والمساعدات الدراسية الاخرى وكتب القراءة.

* The schools have a full range of outdoor plays , video presentations and Multimedia

- All classes are air conditioned and equipped with plasma screens and teaching aid

- Reading rooms, libraries, computer labs.

- The school offers a great periods in the English club and in the  Computer Club (Kids Click)

- School has a doctor room which is fully equipped with first aid kit for emergencies and for the use of  the school doctor.

- The school luxury cafeteria with all the children needs.

- There is also a library and teaching aids store with many books and material available for borrowing or sale to children- Visit Library Page

- The school's fleet of private transport ( not rented) and is comprised of 80+ new  air-conditioned buses.

- The school communicate with parents through the Parents Council as well as communicating via e-mail and the monthly newsletter .

- The schools are also raising the student's results on the Internet through a special web page to each student.










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Our goal is an  integrated educational institution sponsore children from  pre-school education to the university education under the umbrella of  Cambridge







































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