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Materials:Art The Glue Range A set of 2 glue pens,2 colour glue pens and 1 glue stick.
Materials:Art 4 Face Paints Face piants with sponge applicator.
Materials:Art Art Attack Fun Pack 4 Disc Set Art Attack
Ideal for all budding artists who want to have fun drawing wacky images, making objects, editing photographs and designing comic strips! This quad pack contains everything a child needs to awaken their creative side. PC Windows® 98/ME/2000/ XP.
Ages 4 to 14.
Materials:Art Art 'N' Craft Build your own pom-pom friends.
Materials:Art Art Set Sponge art set.
Materials:Art Artists Piant Brushes 15 Artists Piant colouring Brushes.
Materials:Art Assorted Craft Packs Assorted craft packs includes assorted colourd large and small pompoms, wooden sticks,shapes and feathers.
Materials:Art Assorted Paint A collection ofcolouring paints brushs .
Materials:Art Coloured Chalks 12 fun coloured chalks.
Materials:Art Colouring Mask A set of colours with a mask for painting.
Materials:Art Colouring Sets A collections of colouring sets which contains fiber tips,bursh markers magic markers,wax crayons ,markers and colouring pencils.
Materials:Art Crayola Stationery Set
Super stationery from Crayola!
Including pipsqueak markers, twistable pencils, heads and tails crayons, flip top markers, coloured crayons and ½ length coloured pencils.
For ages 3 years and above.
Materials:Art Create Your Own Paper-Craft Cards Everything you need to make 8 paoer-craft cards.
Materials:Art Funky Kids Scisors 3 Funky Kids Scisors contains straight cut, wavy cut, zig zag cut.
Materials:Art Gear Art Set With 3 gel pens and 3 gears.
Materials:Art Glue Sticks Glue sticks sets.
Materials:Art Magnetic Beads Create unique jewelry with magnetic style.
Materials:Art Maxi Triangular Pencil 12 Maxi triangular colouring pencils.
Materials:Art Mini Glue Pens 24 mini glue pens.
Materials:Art Plaster Pots Plaster Pots
A brand new craft that's simple and ready in minutes. Make four funky shaped Arty Pots using specially formulated plaster wrap that dries in minutes. Decorate using colourful tissue papers to create fabulous results. Create the designs easily with colour step-by-step instructions. Age 7 and above.
Materials:Art Sand Art Set Sand Art sets and glue.
Materials:Art Se Bug Kit Build your own pom-pom friends.
Materials:Art Sidewalk Chalk 4 different shapes of chalk.
Materials:Art Soft Playing Dough Soft Playing Dough with five different colours.
Materials:Art Sparkle Set Contains 2 chunky tubs of gliter 2, bottles of glitter fetti, 3 pots of glitter, 2 pots, 3D flitter, & 1 paint brush.

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